Should i go with : Daisy or Orkid ?

Hye , just a quick review, pleased if y'all share thoughts !

should i go with DAISIES or ORKIDS ?

these are  the orkids :

and this is daisy :

okayyy. as u notice, gambar orkid lagi bnyak cozz i prefer orkid, miahahhaha. nice wattt simple je.

and ada one time i go out dgn nu, we saw one orkid stak yang nmpak real gila, dekat one chop memory land in malacca.but of coursee pricey la khenn.

okay some tips on choosing fresh flowers if you want to :
  • tengok tema
  • tanya berapa hari the bunga can tahan
  • jangan gubah di tempat yang suhu tinggi (if in airconed room,lagi baik)
  • DO NOT MIXX too much COLORS !
  • pilih 1 bunga yang korang nak tonjolkan and the other can put small flowers,dull-er color
  • jangan cabut that plastic / net yang cover the flover, sampailah hari event berkenaan.
  • pilih yang cantikkk !
okay thats all, quick much?
till then okay.

Emmy Natila


copyright by Emmy Natiella Ahmad.