Cara saya hadapi masalah

Assalamualaikum and hye peeps. dah lama i tak mmbebel dalam this blog. coz seriously i have no thoughts in mine on what im gonna write.

So today i just wanna share some thought about how we could handle promblems.
dalam dunia ni tidak ada sesiapa yang akan lekang dari didatangi masalah, tak kira la small or big, its still a problem.
Problem mainly related to choice whict involve choosing ( okay, i sowund like a truen enginerrring student, try to explain formula ! LOL )

so me as a student and partime lover with nu :P hikhikhik
i got my own problems.example. kami jauh, kindda long distance relationship *gedik je.
what jauh apa Kuantan-melaka. but we still IN LURVEEEE ayeeee. dont be jelly huehue

plus i have problems in my studies, im gooooodddd ! at designing, mayby applying the 
what-i-learn-which-i-do-not-understand-much ,but i  have problem to build a circuit. lalalala
so my solutions issssss : CARI ORG YANG PANDAI BUAT CIRCUIT. mainly those guys theyre good in circuit kan, so ill design and ask them to do loooooo 
simple and sattle

in the other hand, i oso have promblems communicating with fake friends and those tend to talk behind my back.
padahal takdela rapat mana pun,tapi maybee my life is sooo intresting, that dieorg tend to talk bout me, ouhhhh how lucky i am ayeee :P
for this one, i compute that : i just buat muka bodooo and act as i want,janji tak meyusahkan org lain and tak makan guna duit org

i juga ada masalah suka ponteg kelas analog ! hahahha ingat that situasi nak letak kepala dalam baldi? well this is more than that, i rasa nak henatak2 kelapa kat dinding bila masuk kelas analog. the lecterur ha i telll you haaa, is ver very the boring type u know!
solution is : play games and twitting in class, problem solved yeayyyy ! but have to make sure balik bilik study balik haaaaa. coover all !

okay, ada banyak lagi masalah, if i wanna write all in this, todayyyy ! i might have skip another analog calass LOL , i cant,can i? hikhikhik

so just remember, every problem have its solutions. just take a deep breath and think.
kalau serabut sangat go mandi lama2 or tido ! that help me, hope itll help y'all too !

one thing, pray for me as deans list this sem kay ! want that so badly

lastly, always remember 

till then ! 
emmy natila


copyright by Emmy Natiella Ahmad.