We planned, Allah set the date : You and I

Assalamualaikum, its been a while, i havent got much time to update much.
Things are going sooooooooo busy all the way before holiday
ala but the holiday is only 7 days ! sikijap sangat lorrrrrrrrrrrr.

but neva mind, its kind dy tho, kalau dia tak bg cuti langsung lagi oh maiiiiiii horror my life.

spending much time with nu these days , but sorry no pictures coz no photographer around as my adik is on his SPM journey.

so, were planning to take our relationship to the next step insyaallah.
have been talk seriusly bout that. as im finishing my diploma next year! yeayyy cant wait.

setting the date for our parents to meet insyallah.
wish us luck.

this is something i DIY myself for start, LOL

adiousssss ! till then peeps !


  1. hi. apa tu.. invitation card?? ;) yg ala lace tu u guna apa? tw i tak dpt nak follow this blog, ur navigation bar blocks ur 'follow' button.. :(

  2. Hye finaaa, the lace is original lace i bought dekat kedai, this is trial for my doorgift !
    alaa yekeee, save a tab on me la :P


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