EA: Hand bouquet inspiration (To DIY)


Long time no blog update aye. sorry, been busy working.
Alhamdullillah holding a position as an assistant head of inventory department.
May this coming 2014 be a rezeki year for all of us n lebih baik dari yang lepas dan semakin dekat dengan Allah.amin.

will start my DIY project slowly, agar nanti yak tergelabah dan over spent.
i will ceratainly start with a simple DIY with the help of some inspiration.

ni gambar yang inspire me, 

so ni adalah hand bouque yang dibuat with ribbons and fabric,attached with brooch to insert moment of sparkle and glam. wahhhhh retis sangat kate ko yek.

yeah,im not that popular with thousands followers bride to be blog writer, but who cares, i share my thoughts and hapiness. rasa macam diary this blog kan.

so to fit my theme it will be something like this insyaallah, 

will need,

-dawai bunga
-pemegang bunga tangan
-manik manik manikkkkk dan apa apa yang nak letak. maiahahaha

so where to buy all this?

planned: mydin or jalan TAR 

will ask nu nanti, he will be coming to subang this 17-19jan,
we will both attend ESQ 165 training. cant wait.

insyaallah, wish me luck!

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  1. tahniah natila :D wish u a happy and successful life.


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