My cat : SNOW

Hye people, i just wanna show you my new love.
as im far away from family and oso nu, sooo..i decide to curang ! oppps ! haha
i got new love named  SNOW
so these are some pictures i took.
its only a 3 weeks baby kitten, so i have to take good care of em.
luckily my roomate pun tolong jaga hehehe. !

owh btw, my nea roomate is husna, cheerfull and happy person alhamdulillah.

so, check out snow man !

jumpstyle people ! :D

this is the cage nu bought for em.

and i give snow milk by this !
cute not? :D

and ada one time i and nu bawa snow on our date
and it meow meow in nu's car
so i decide to give em milk in nu's car
hehhehe luckily nu tak marah heheh

imagine panjang inspira with cat in it.
tapi takpe my cat is very very clean okayyy !
so named ; SNOW !

bubyeeee :D

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