i say; when a girl love ya

last time ive wrote on : when a guy loves you
and today im in te mood to write, a vice versa of gender, so i wanna wrote about ; when a girl loves ya.
sneak a peek guys, who knows how ur girl is more than u?
now judge :P

   She replies your late night message
   she sent you love message when you expect nothing
  She buys present for you, only to make you happy
  she act like she dont care when she's mad at you
    she cries when you scold her
    she send you "i miss you' messages
     she looked at ur face as if you're in love for day 1
  she knows what you like and what you dislike
  she try to make out with ur mom (i meannn, beramah mesra)
  she cook for ya
   she sew your clothes
  she becomes shy to you
   she say "i love you" 
 she let the worls knows about ur relationship
  she never lied, even if she can
 she's rather argue with you on something than lying
 she tries to impress you
   she groomed for you to tell her beautifull
  she wont look at ur face when you make mistakes
 she forgive

and thats how she loves you
and always remember;

love live life
adiouss stalkerssss ! :D

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