Santai date with nu :)

Hye people after a while, i tak update pape pun kan, hikhikhik tak sempatla,and plus takde idea,
things are going pelik sejak2 ni,
but its okay now :)

semalam i keluar dengan nu, owh ! and btw, now i kerja dekat melaka DLIA SERI ANDAMAN promote sikit.
so now my hands are working much, i boleh buat electronics and i can alo so facial,urut and sikit sikit make up.
as u all know, how i tak suka make up tebal2 macam opera kan, so i mmg takde skill tu , but nvmd, i can do my own facial ,and maybe my owh designed pelamin? ehhhh :P

so ni bukan cite sebona eh, hahahha, this is the story, we when lepak at this one superb place, dah lama nak pergi, but everytime weekend ramai org , so semalam dah keluar tak tahu nak p mana,so we go lepak there...

drooling much? hehehhe 
okay some of the pictures are taken from google coz my baby S2 boleh flat pulak bat.

and we keep talking, dating blaa blaa blaaa, and discussing, bla bla bla.
someday insyaallah,soon :)

okay thats all for today, wish us luck

biar lambat asalkan selamat. ehhh ? :P

ok bye!

copyright by Emmy Natiella Ahmad.