DIY : yassin cover 1st trial

Hye people, im at my workplace an yeah, no customer for this morning, biasa ah weekdays kan , wait till weekend, phewwww ! menggelabah weh nak layan customer pilih baju.

btw, somewhere around now, i selalu tgk the DIY stuff. jeng jeng jeng,hihihi
to i dah kumpul semua beda yang i suka hehehe, and this is my 1st trial on my DIY yassin cover.
sementara dok kedai tgah takde keje kan, so i just run to pekan alor gajah sat tadi, beli kain sikit for trial and some lace.

saje je nak try ehek, still got maksud tersirat eh.whateva u think la guys. so this is my DIY fabric yaasin cover, and i think it looked superb for 1st trial oleh orang electronic macay saia. hehehhehe

have a peek people,

Those are what ive met using lace in whote colours.

an this one by switching the lace into gold color.

Does it looks okay to you guys? im thingking of using it someday, okeh tak apa i buat ne? 
okay thats all for today, and tonighit im planning to go back to muar and yeah, doing some egg tart trial maybe,baru dapat resepi from kak shasha and trying to apply it.
buat ngn nu malam nanti.Ouh and i apologise for the pictures, i ambil guna Vcam je, S2 tak bawak USB babe,but cant wait to hupdate hehe *gedik puiihh ! 

okay adiousss people, see ya


copyright by Emmy Natiella Ahmad.