To share what kind of relationship i have

Hye people, how are you :P
this week is the worst week of my life, no weekend day. sabtu ahad still ada kelas, imagine that ! annoyed enough? yes, sure do ! tapi nak buat camne kan, lect has the power.Btw, did u realise that this incoming time i only talk about relationdhip dates and my king of heart? haha, well that is certainly because all i do is thinking about him.Of course beside thinking benda2 study yang melemaskan all the circuits analog tpest and so on and so fourh.what to do? its life haha.

okay back to the topic, today i only wanna share on y'all what kind of relationship i have with him.
its a random thaought of mine i guess. have you ever thought of wahta you and your BF had been through to ve at this state of your relationship? well, maybe you should.why? because it'll help you to mede up ur mind when u argue hard or something bad thought (:

as for me i just wanna wrote it all here, and maybe someday ill read it all over again and say "guess i did the right choice after all" insyallah, who knows :D

okay what we have is :

  • a very natural relationship
  • tak perlu hipokrit dan terkial2 nak cover2
  • very supportive and sometimes over protected
  • our relationship goes very well because we have some similarities and also some differences
  • kami selalu buat benda2 baru cuba benda baru
  • it doesn't have to be all chocolates roses and candlelight dinner, we can also go to play video games and go kayak together
  • respect each other . even if we do fight. sometimes, or maybe a lot :P hahahha but still in the end wewill appologise and say how much weve loved
  • nothing to keep inside
  • no one is perfect
  • but maybe together we can be the perfect two, if were meant to be together which is what i hope forrr :D
  • be nice, kami selalu spend time with family. i pergi rumah nu, nu datang rumah i. is nothing pelik anymore.
  • kami act like bestfriends, bila jalan dok komen2 baju orang hahahhaa . why not? :D
  • we gave each other card flowers sometime. not alllllll the time, takkan romantik j selalu kan.hahaha
  • do do varios stuff, we go cycling boat, we go to zoo , we go to  watchmovies we go dinner. as usual.buth the best part is we love each other so much that we can stand anything between insyaallah.
  • in a relationship no matter you are close or far enough just remember to be honest and SETIA.
  • its not about sabar or what so eva, you dekat ke jauh ke still kena sabar no exeption.KALAU KAU CURANG, thats it. THE END OF STORY.thats the perfect end point.
  • bila bersama tak semestinya asyik la dok sayang u sayang u , its more than that. its a natural response.
  • Jauh? ist hard. but se still manage to keep it onn until now.
  • total of 5 years of knowing you and loving you nu,till nikah insyaallah.
  • parents approval. really do need this one. and we have it.
  • what we do is, we fight we shout we yell but in the end deep down its a relationship based on love
  • even marrige people argue, you dot argue? that is not love. it nees sometime to understand someone. and argument is a way to understand
  • arguement does not stands across love. it stands between.
  • My BF can stand me, and so do and honour,due to respect.thats it.
  • your sweet stuff is not going on and on and on.unless you do something to lighten up ur love

and nu, i sayang u every single day.i do.and trust me i only have you.
You think your relationship is great? so do i.because we have our own way and yes, lautan api mustahil deranangi. tapi setakat melaka big deal, the fight always keep us alive.isayang u nu.very very do sayang u.thak you.

ouh and maybe someone else did read.thank you again :D
copyright by Emmy Natiella Ahmad.