Awsome date.

Hye people, i ada cakap kan i will update soon about us? haha so this is it (:
this is just the way we spend some of our time dating.Oh only Allah knows how much im into you  nu.
Well i wanted to et the pictures do the work.Tapi i tahu i akan mmbebel gak nanti muahahha, so take a look people :D
And there we go
A Famosa Safari

I think this is the cutest animal there, sumpah cute.
And then we walked to theee, wild wild west show. Macam show cowboy tu la best.. lawakkk :D
comel gila budak2 kecik yang dok dekat2 dengan kita kan nu heee.

check out their face :P

Check out ur face nu :D muahahaha

got the awsome gajah show hahhaha , gajah is elephant laaa :P

before tu kitaorang pergi birs showww itu best gilaaa , the birds were flying all around us, and the pegions, symbol of loe make the show the most romantic show eva ! hati berbunga-bunga bhaii :P
this is biri2, nak bagi makan dia kena bayar RM5 for the sayur , imagine? i can get sayur tu kat pasar for RM1 only ! so ta payah bagi makan :P hahahhah
weve got the change to see wild animals freely be sitted around. Kami yang kena duduk dalam truck yang sempit tu, with other chinese people. kami je melayu, dah g berdua kan, masuk jelaaaa. hahaha
best gila im sooo excited sampai tak banyak gambar un ambil.all the tigers and lions semua terlepas macam tu je, but of course ada banyak gate lah khannn :P

meet our Panjang.You;ve meet ketot,but this is his big bro namely by us.

and this is us, with muka gemok i. and nu bajet je nak pakai glasses tu! 
i yang belikan eh ! poyonye lu :P

okay thats all people , hope you enjoy the blurbs and pictures :D

seee ya sooon !

Ps: ISAYANGYOU Muhammad Akhbar Idris,pleaase be my future husband Gatal*gatal :P

copyright by Emmy Natiella Ahmad.