This is our 2nd

hye nu , this one is for you :)

Do you remember our 2nd date?
First date kita pergi tengok movie,i still have the ticket.Inconsious.Masa tu we went to melaka mall, the one we used to go those early years.Tapi tu 1st date kita, sekejap je kan.
Do you remember our second date?
That was the happiest day of my life,you came back into my life is the best thing i have in my mind.
When we fight, all i think about is about all those sweet moments we have.When se sat together at the beach, bila kita borak2 kat pantai,when te sun goes down.
I love you so much.
maybe its boring to always write about us on blog, but what can i do? dah memang dalam kepala hotak i ni asyik ingat those sweet moments je.

and terima kasih kerana tak henti-henti buat i rasa bahagia,
walaupun kadang-kadang kita selisih faham, tapi itu lumrah.
Tak pernah sekali pun i terfikr kita akan back together.Biar orang tak tahu, yang penting kita tahu.
betapa jelas semuanya untuk kita,memang betul jodoh ditangan tuhan, dan kita dipertemukan semula.
dan kali ini insyaallah biarlah untuk selamanya.

This is my promise on our 2nd date,I WILL NOT WANT TO LOSE YOU AGAIN.
thank you for being apart of my life :)

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