Muhammad Akhbar Idris

p/s : this etry is for my beloved Boyfie , MUHAMMAD AKHBAR IDRIS. if anyone felt annoyed , please stop reading and go click the X button at ur right corner of ur csreen , thank you :)


i just cant stop writing and quoting about love
coz everytime i opened my eyes 
all i wanted to do is to hear your voice
thus to let you now that each and every time
i am thinking of you

wondering if ur thinking of me
wondering if you love me
as much as i do
people talked , people can say anything they want ,
but all i ever want is you.
weve been together once ,
now that were back on again
hoping youll be my husband
the fathers to my children
and the one who i share my hapiness once i graduated.

i cant explain how much i love you
coz i dont know how to
all i want you to know that now i swear to god that i only have you
and onlt HIM knows how much 

please , please i wanna hear u say , I LOVE YOU TOO ,
even billion times a day , also im ready too ,
cz in me theres only a room for you .
you make me feel falling in love ,
over over and over again.


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