Bikini Babes

Assalamualaikum everyone ,
hows ur day so far ? hows ur weekend ? i ? i habiskan my weekend dengan menghadap laptop disamping berjalan2 di PEKAN BANDAR DIRAJA negeri Pahang :)

yeah , sini nice lah ,but still boredem strikes ! :P
today i would like to share my thoughts on hot daring bikini malaysian babes .

okay , sume orang tahu malaysia is a country with Agama Islam as Agama rasmi
yet , agama lain masih bebas dianut , demokrasi and aman damai , PEACE MALAYSIANS.
when it comes to bikini babes,
sudah tendu yang islam dilarang untuk memakai bikini kan ?
the wajib is for us to tutup aurat .
everybody knows that , either wanna do it or not , its on you.
im not taking this in islamic way , cz i pun tak lah begitu alim sgt dan rasa tak layak untuk cakap pape :)

so bikini babes , most of malaysian bikini babes are malay , chinese and even indians.
malaysia is a Islamic country , that is why when malay people witch is islam wears a bikini , people will look and talk .well , its because ur damn emberassing yourself as a muslim.
ur bringging that title, so please if you dont respect yourself , at least respect others .
wearing bikini is like , ur wearing bra and ur panties ONLY . to the mall or what so eva .
instead , u wore it on beach or at the swimming pool , yet can also be seen by people around us , mostly malays that we have to respect .

i dont wear tudung , but i dont have the guts to wear bikini all over and showing to people around.
i just would like to say that , yes it is ur coice , but at least respect others yang akan rasa tak selesa when seing people wore like that ,
come on people , itas not like they shoot baywatch and american pie in malaysia , kan ?
so , as a reminder for me , and also others , im a sporting person and i am sooooo not that islamic , i admit myself , kekurangan i , but at least we free hair can try respect the good people , at least ? :)

respect people , then they'll respect you .
bye people :)

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