16 November 2013 : Emmy & Akhbar engagement day

Hye ! 

typing this in tired and happy mood.
unfortunately, to update details, i have to wait till the official photog give me the pics.

so by then insyaallah ill update one by one.

as said,

all things are DIY.

Mini dais/pelamin
Baju/tudung/veil (beli siap and tempah veil)
Foods (cater)

will soon update,
here is some pics from my own ipad,
sorry tak sharp miahaha.

one of the hantaran, tapi ni gmbar cam blur blur coz puteri and ika yg ambil.

the dais.
will soon update details if got time!

stay tunedddd !
Alhamdulillah, im oficially a BRIDE TO BE ✌️

Emmy Natiella

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