Another step : Getting engaged

Hye its been a while that i updated.
sorry, been so busy.
plus instagram and twitter cut of my blogging skills. lol

so my instagram is : emmynatila

peace ✌️ 

Just letting y'all know that ive been risik.

ewah siap risik hahha by nu. actually his family.
so, im soon getting engaged ! yeayyyyyy! haha

so ist thing to update is : checklist.

Event Details 
Date : set ! 👍
Venue : Home sweet home  👍
Time : 2.00 - 4.00 pm ( kot ? not confirmed ) ✌️
Guest list : Family, saudara-mara, jiran sekangkang kera, kawan-kawan terdekat.
Colour Theme : 
1) Baju tunang : babypink lightcream
2) Pelamin : White (DIY)
3) Hantaran nu : white 
4)hantaran nu bagi wa : pink (ia tak bg tgk,pftttt!) 😋

okay thats all for short updates!
oh and the hantarans are 7-9.

so im not gonna share the preps. but maybe gonna reveal then.
tak betstla nanti takde apa nak tulis dah after majlis.
and i wanna save some memories only to myself. ehek !

wish me luck on this !

emmynatila 😘


  1. oh em geeeeeeee emmyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Congrats babeee. Semoga dipermudahkan urusan! ;D


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