Its a ho ho holidayyy ! plus DIY tag.

hey people !

saya sedang cuti sem sekarang and its such a release.
im at home
near to my family
makan free
tayah study
duduk membesarkan badan
BAHAGIA all the time
and im very close to nu. yeay ! *gelek*gelek*gedik

so thats all,
hope y'all can feel how realease i am to be out from that Universiti Mendera Pemikiran (UMP ) LOL, can i do that?
mendera pemikiran i je okayyyy, tak tahu la student lain khennn.

okay, notice tak i do lots of typo? i have problems woth my keyboard ahhh, need new lappy but danak habis belajr, so? bersabarlahhhhhh~ 5 mothts to go ! weeee :D

and oh , this is my 1st tag trial, ok tak? keee terang sangat?
im thinkin of going white, tapi kalau semua putih cam bosan je an. so how? thoughts anybody?

lots of love ,

Emmy Natiella

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