Holiday I Slimming Sanctuary I Bio Ever

Hye !
i have a very fun fun fun holidayyy hehehehe.

We go picnic together, Me and Nu. unfortunately i tak bawak camera LOL and naaah takde masa ambil gambar,just enjoying ou good romantic time hikhik.

1stly we planned to go genting again, but then sampai seremban jalan was soo jammed habis.
so, de pusing tepi and end up in PD, was fun enough tho, after all, kat mana2 pun best kan hikhik asalkan we have our love one.
Thristle PD bar, spend the nite hangging out there. romantic much !

Then when we get back to malacca,nu had to work for one day and the next day we'all pegi jumpa mak amal, for some business talk.
yeah its a good business and thinkin of doing it together,maybe after i finished my last sem this may.

Then we got some promotion on the SLIMMING SANTUARY hikhik. only Rm38 for an event worh Rm788 at 1st. its a chinese new year promotion.

ada 6 event and boleh saperate buat 3 and another 3 lain kali,
so i beli dengan ibu and also bus ( nu's aunt)
we all go and do the 1st session, it was good feeeling, tapi takdela kurus kan, baru sekali buat LOL.
tapi saje je nak merasa,
and when they analyse dia kata imnormal
just a little fat terlebih at perul (erkkkkk, memang bunct ) hakaka

and yeah the promotion is only for 2 dayssss. berbaloi not? lucky us huh heheh

and last but not leasttt im heppy coz my bio ever dah sampai
worth only RM 220 for about 3 month. ok wattt hehehe.

so happy, and thank nu. nanti i ada banyak duit i belanja u pulak ekk hikhik. love you soo much,
and yehhhhhhh bagahia and soo happy dapat spend time. and amalcakap i cuti sampai 18 feb ! lama kan!!!??
soo see y'all soonnn !

Emmy Natiella


  1. rumah aku pun dok suma pakai bie ever tu. mak aku punya keja -__-'. aku pakai for jerawat aku sapu kat leher tu. so far ok gettin better. kena pantang jugak la. kalau aku luka pun aku sapu. hantamm. janji cepat kering. haha

  2. hehehehhe kan bagus kann ! aku pun suka hehehe, memang bagus tok semua benda dohh !


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