Have you ever fall in love ?

Have you ever fell in love ?

the feeling you cant describe

when you're alone, all you think about is him
even when you're eyes are closed, 
all you see is him smiling towards you
melts ur heart

When you have him
you ignore anyone elese
you only need  him
to be with you
to hold ur hands
to accompany ur laugh
to wipe ur tears
its all gonna be okay
as long as his with you

When he kisses ur forehead
u felt love
your feet flew
heart pops high up up and away
the pleasent feeling
that blisses ur heart

that kiss
you felt the promise
you felt the care
and all you've ever hope and pray for is
that man,that guy,that love of urs
being the soulmate
till the rest
till ur last breath
till the end

have you ever fall in love?
how do u describe love

i tell love story,
im everyday
falling in love
falling for Muhammad Akhbar Idris

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