Simple dais idea for DIY

Hye, its been a busy months foe me.
with all the final project and all the assignments and bla bla bla.. phewww !

so just wanna share some ideas for those yang tengah dok merancang nak tunang or maybe just nikah kecil-kecilan. These pelamin may worksss !
simple , and ready to DIY. hew hew.

Have a peek dearies !

My 1st preffered. and confirm can DIY this ! :P

tapi i tak suka bunga bunga kat depan tu and prefer ada kerusi more than bantal-bantal tu kan,
tak suka dok atas bantal,plus nak ambil gambar nanti nmpak sempit

This one is number 2, sweet kan? and simpleee ! like this one because it looks unique and senang jek pun nak wat miahahah. only have to find the bench/chair je.the tirai i have ideas and solutions dy ! :P

apply same concept at num 1 , but this one mcama nampak hot coz guna color merah. again , i dislikeduduk atas bantal. anddddd , the stage is too small. accanne nak ambil gamba denga cousins and auty sume? haha

This one is simple and perfect for me. ok... least perfect, color bunga dia i tak suka LOL cerewet much ! :P
whattt? suka color2 soft je, i cont mind if they say color tu dull, but i sukaa. hikhik. candeliar and chair again, have to pow daddy :P

This is the pasag siap, from vendor. huwaaaaaa guess what ! i dah tanya, and i tanak bunga kat tepi tu just the pelamin and chair all. is onlyyyyy RM 400 . including the transportation yeay! 
dah tunjuk nu, and he said okayy and reasonable ! haha
tapi still ada mood DIY miahaha. and this pelamin nampak cam biasaaaa jek, tak unikjust easy, because bayar and puffffffff SIAp ! 

List for DIY :

  • KAIN BACKDROP - preferredbly white
  • KERUSI/BENCH - have to pow daddy or look around,kat rumah ada, so just have to cat haha
  • WHITE CARPET TO COVER STAGE - got at mydin,done surveying
  • STAGE - jiran ada, so just pinjam jek :P
  • LAMPU MACAM SPORTLIGHT TU - have to buy, an can pasang sendiri. kata electronics (    sbenenya suruh nu :P
  • BOX/STAND FOR THE FLOWERS - got idea and maybe can use. or have to make some. or maybe sewa.or pinjam
  • VASE + FRESH FLOWERS - clear vas, muah je dekat one stop , only RM6 , bought many dy at home LOL
okayyy, so hopes this help you dearies yang planning to DIY ur mini days. 
Kita hanya merancang segala, Allah yang menentukan.

Pray for me and nu yeaa ! 

Emmy Natiella


  1. hehehe these are just ideasss , tq :D

  2. bile nk tunang ni..amboi2..

  3. kakaka berangan lebih ni miahahha :P
    tungguuu ~

  4. hadoi ..berangan pula saya tgk pelamin ni ..hehe nak tunang nak tema kuning daisy hehe bole design kan tak =)

  5. wahhhh nice nice , insyaaallah boleh jeee hehehe !


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