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hye and assalamualaikum,

after a while i did not write much on this today i just wanna share one health care product.
I dont think that y'all realise how hard i am to eat vegetables, except for nu.
haha, i sangat tak sukakan vegetables sampaikan even bila makan mee goreng pun i will korek2 keluarkan those toge and sawi.

dislike much aye.
the on;ly vege i ate for these ehile is : bayam, kangkung,kailan, cabbage white and greeen, and carrots.thats all.
but really rare timing ill say.

so i decide to took suplement.

so what i took is

Vitamin C - for skin, and after one month alhamdulillah, my skin dah tak kering.
how to know if ur skin is kering? pegi kat tangan, and try cakar, tengok ada form line2 putih tak? if ada, that means ur skin is eat a little more vitamin c source ya, normally vege.

Vitamin E - for scars. healing process. scars seems faded , but my pimples are still there, okay la, leats pimples, only one month ayte, this botanical stuff needs more time.

Vitamin B complex- to stabilize and also to produce energy. also you can gain from those green vege.

tapi sebabb i tak suka makan vege, so i took suplements,
all from Shaklee vitamins.
so far so good, after one month no side effect, and im taking for 2nd month.

will show you result bila im ready and the change is maximized.
so that is all.

and make sure you organise ur vitamin takings, or else it'll not function sell.

i am not that concern bout health act, bt as im with nu, he encourage me,sooo i terikut2 hahaha
as long as he support muahahhahha.
okay thats all,give a try people !

organize much ?

natiella pierce

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