Luahan hati from inside

Hye this is for nu ,

hye nu, i miss you so much. but now kita dekat kan, so senang je nak jumpa, i guess hari2 jumpa, tapi kejap jeeeee ! not enough, i want more.

Harini i just wanna murmered aout anything yang i suka about you.I know u takde masa nak tulis blog and guess ur just not that type of guy.But its okay as long as u treat me well :)

apa yang i nak cakap ni datang dari hati i , i just sayang u sangat that i cant even explain.
memang i ni mood berubah2, kejap marah kejap sejuk, but thanks coz u faham i.
i know i curse much, tapi tak bermakna i benci,angin i memang satu badan and yeah, u bring out the real me.

i tak perlu cover,i tak perlu berpura2 dengan u. just i selesa sangat, i boleh be the way i am.
i dont need heavy make up , i dont need fancy clothes. just love it.

All those memories yang kita ada sangat bermakna utk i and i want it to goes on and onnn till the end.Thanks for all the things u did for me,

  • u sanggup datang kuantan even jauhhh, jauh from there
  • u layankan je perangai gila i
  • u bring out the real me,u sedarkan i macamne diri i yang dulu :)
  • u belai i
  • u make me live, we have fun, we dance ,we laugh
  • u make my parents laugh, boleh pegi dinner, lunch sama2 and even you can eat breakfast dengan daddy eventhough i ada kat kuantan 
if you give me hundred pages to explain those things we did together, those sweet moments, that would not fit any of it. its more than hundred pages, i cant describe.

everybody makes mistakes, i do and so do you,. but the forgiveness we said to each other, that means more.
I choose to be with you of all the things youve done right :)
For those people yang dengki sangat, i guess they just entahlaaaa. maybe mmg suka menyalak macam anjung mekekak kot.

i just dont understand these people, merosakkn hubungan orang dan perasan diri hebat.thats just not it.
i deal with maturity and i guess thats why we can tolarate. 

mak once said " nasib baik emmy ni penyabar"
busu once said " emmy ni diam je, tak payah layan sgt"

but they also didnt know,

i got some attitude too, mummy saw it. I tahan dengan u, and you tahan dengan i. thats what matters.
if i wanna share those sweet moments, its between us and nobody else.How i truely love you.
and for this once, onlly this ONCE. i dah pandai fikir hal kawen. isnt that wierd?Selama ni i suka suka suka hati je nak buat apa pun.but now i have you, and u guided me, i just hope yang you akan pimpin i sampai syurga :)

i want you to be the one, i pray or that nu.

We share a lots of memories, fun and sad , now kita ada ;



Isayangyou much and thats all i can say, i cant describe but i know you can feel it.This love i have for you,i tak pernah experience this before.
And we can just ignore those lalang yang belagak bagus, even what they say, i am better and i can have what i want,my choice not theirs.
i have you and im happy, insyaallah.

ouhhh ! and thanks for belanja i skincare ni, hiihi love u much ! tak sabar tunggu ia sampai  :D

Last but not least, one picture of us ,

The moments we have cant never be erased :)

Sincerely , me

copyright by Emmy Natiella Ahmad.