5...1 year,ISY

Nu, were far away but yet our love remains and bloomed each day, just so you know how much isayangyou.
i dont care what people say about me, what i care is about what you and my family felt.
i sayang you so much , and lest do it for another years of joy,happiness and love.
Allah knows how much ISY 
and may our love remains till jannah.
I'm hoping you to be the one who holds my hands there.
Just remember its been so long an so on,but my love is always for you and only you.

a picture on last year, its been a year and im getting fat :P
were so far away,but nanti sambut jugak kan nu, tak sambut pun tak apa as long as isayanyou and yousayangi (:

Muhammad Akhbar Idris AND Emmy Natila Ahmad , 5 yeras with addition of a new 1 year , till end.amin (:
copyright by Emmy Natiella Ahmad.