I want...

I want to spend my whole life with my bestfriend
i want to spend my entire life with whom i cam share my problems with
i want to share all my happiness with whom i love
I want to stay by him the day he succeed
i want to be his faith when he loses control and felt down
i want to be the one he see when he open his eyes in the morning
I want him to be the one who eat my homecook meals, walaupun tak sdap ! kena makan jugak
i want to chat with him until we fall asleep
i want to be the one who wake up early to make breakfast for him
i want to be the one who can salam him before he goes to work
i want to be the one who makes him dinner when he comes back from work
i want to talk to him about everything because i can be honest to him
i want to be his listener when he got problems
i want him to led me in my prayers
i want him to be my HUSBAND.

i want him, Muhammad Akhbar Idris.
Ya Allah, please hear my prayer, as i stated his name to be my soulmate,
YOU are the one who sets everything,to YOU i pray,to YOU i hope the best.
Murahakan rezeki kami dan permudahkanlah segala urusan aku dan dia.

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