Scene paling ROMANTIC that catches me, everytime.

Hye people ! i guess dah lama i did not wrote smothing that popped out from my mind kan? *sighh. its cz tahla , i dont have anything to wrote on.
Well.. today actually i nak tul about what i want it to be on my wedding day.its not like i dah gatal sangat nak kawin * or maybe i am HAHA. no , or maybe its because ia adalahsatu peringkat atas from getting in universiti. macam masa sekolah rendah nak masuk skola menengah , da skola tak sabar nak masuk u plak kan.. macam tu la life. and if u dont have that feeling , maaaannn ! ur  not living ! haha

now , stop membebel. take a look at this !

this is a scene of my most lovable movie! PRINCESS DIARIES. and this is a scene where mia tells her mother how she imagined her 1st kiss would be, and they said ;

Mia: I just kind of hope that if he kisses foot pops.

Mom: Pops?

Mia: Yeah. You know in old films whenever a girl would get seriously kissed, her foot would kind of, pop.

and yeahh baybeh ! she gets it ! huuuuu haaaaaa to mia :D
such a romantic movie for me.

Then i started my sedding fantasies ! bila tengok cerita A cinderella stories. and guess what ? dah berkurun lama erita ni , tapi sebb kan suka , i watched i million times and tak pernah bosan pun. and 1st time dapat masukan movie tu daam lappy, i tak pernah delete until now!

the moooossssttt romantic scene is this ;

girls this are soo damn romantic okay ! i am soo having my wedding at night . puls my halaman rumah is cukup besr tuo fit in satu stage yang hott mcam ni , OMGGG ! romantic kan? *gatal gatal gatalll !

see? if movies have thaught girls anything ! its okay foe me to have these whimsical fantasies aboutwhat i want and think i can make it a dream came true,insyaallah :)
How romantic will this be ? i am absolutely gonna plan my own wedding nanti HAHAHAh , so since banyak yang nak plan , laei lambek la den kawin nyooo haha , kena kumpul duit duit DUIT ! that all it takes  ! da cukup baru bole kawin !

well , everybody wants to have the best wedding rite , btw enjoy this romanric video that i found very romantic for me ! enjoy :)

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