How to choose the perfect guy .

Assalamualaikum people , how are ya ?
im fine thak you ,
i know this month da terlampau banyak entry , but , apa salahnya , my blog , my thoughts kan ? :)

so today , at my concern ,
bulan hujung-hujung tahun ni sepatutnya menjadi bulan mengawan kan ?
unfortunately , sekarang i tak tahu kenapa most of my friends are having LOVE ISSUES.
kenapa eh ?
hmm, anyway , good luck dealing with that , for me
alhamdulillah everything is going just fine with my king of hearts.

as usual , my thoughts 

A guy understands you inside and outside.

 A guy who pays attention when you're telling stupid girly stories.

 A guy who never say no when you ask his help.

 A guy who catch you when you falls down and say "Dont worry, ill catch you everytime"

 A guy who respect you , your family and your religion.

 A guy who can protect you , never look back and had loved you always.

Okay thats all for ya ladies ,
always remember,

kita merancang , Allah menentukan.
we are given the change to choose , never forced , make ur decisions wisely women.
love whom who loved you much , not whom who you loved much.

if not , beware , maybe you are in tend to be bermadu , poligami. opps ! so , think before you pick , haha ! see ya !

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