hello and assalamualaikum everybody , its been a while huh ?
hehe so FYI only , today is my second day as UMP student , 
butttttt !
taht is not what i want to talk about , hehe , as usual lah my ayat kan ? haha
so today i would like to quote about WOMEN and GIRLS .

okay , oyeahhhhh haha , yeah this is what i wanted to share with y' all .
yelah memandangkan i pun seorang perempuan and kadang2 ter act macam rama queen kan ? 
pun i am not ehh hehe. na , u judge :)

okay in definitin DRAMA QUEEN : suppose is a girl/women  lah kan because of the word queen , or he can be a girl/women wanna be ! hAHAHHAHA know what i mean ? hehe
drama refer to her attitude yang suka nak besar2 kan perkara remeh yang kecik2 .

for example :
  1. alaaaaaaa , my seluar terkena pasir lah , habis kotoorr ! dah tanak pergi kelas laaaa! OR
  2. OMG ! PIMPLES OVER MY FACEEE! no no no i cant let anybody see me ! OR
  3. talking to BF : sayang , are you looking at that girl ? BF: no lah mana ada . YOU : i saw it ! i saaaawww !you jgn tipu iiii bla bla bla bla and soo on . haha
so , my definition is  , drama queen is ,An annoying bitch who always feels like every insignificant problem in her day is a disaster of Hurricane Katrina proportions. Anyone who so much as gives her the time of day is in for an endless session of hearing why her boyfriend is such an asshole or how she's fat because she can't wear size 0 jeans along with an allday crying marathon. nice huh ? haha

okay this is what i got from reading online ofcourse :)
the purpose ofa girl being a drama queen is ,

a) Want to seek attention
b) Have some emotional dynsfunction and it's their duty to make life harder for everyone around them
c) Just simple can't get ove it. 

get it ? so mentally retarded sometimes occure dalam girls like this , hehe
hey , to admit , i pun kadang2 such a drama queen okay ,  ill say "alaaaa panaslah , i cant walk like this " ahhaha annoying me ? just deal with it.
sometimes i enjoy being annoying hehe , macam best je ,
i dont know why but after i jalan panas2 tegahari tadi to my FACULTY OF ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING i got the idea to write this , hehe
soooo , searcing such a drama pictures of me , i found this one .

okay ignore the muka buruk and fatnees of me . so what ?
gahahaha , okay thats all people , now you know wethe ur a
DRAMA QUEEN or not :)

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