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Assalamualaikum everybody :)
today is nothing much , i just wanna share bout our last activity for this short semester .

is aprogram that will fullfills our 5 % of coursework , very similar to final project , but lagi senang lah kan
what we have to do is make up / plan a game in a group that based on grammar lah kan ,
so one day kena wat the event and weve been told that our batch is the 1st batch yang laksanakan activity ni
so i guess lucy us :)

the stpes are , make a purposal , present it to our very own lect  for me is MADAM NOR AZLINDA ,
and after appoved , plan and have fun ! :)
these are some pictures for you to enjoy and get what ive been doing yesterday :)

 28 JULY 2011, GIG program

fatin berusaha nak jatuhkan pin , bottles :P

esma , after punishment , on face ! :D
takde lah teruk mana pun the punishment kan

okay lah , tah pehan ngn blog ni tah , gamba2 lain takleh nak upload :P duhhh ! haha ape2 pun i do have an enjoyable and nice day yesterday :D

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